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Injury Therapy

Injury Therapy

What is Injury Therapy?

No matter what level of sports you participate in, there may come a time when you need injury therapy. Injuries can happen in many different ways, like car accidents, or just in your everyday life. Most injuries happen while playing some type of sport. When you are injured in a game or practice, you may require outpatient or inpatient physical therapy. You could even need onsite physical and injury therapy at an event or game. If you have someone onsite to help you, they should always communicate with you, your coach, your parents, and your doctors, as needed. They can provide immediate or emergency care.

No matter if you receive inpatient physical therapy or onsite physical therapy, you can expect to be evaluated and receive a diagnosis. Not only will you be treated, but also given information about your condition and how to improve it, as well as potentially avoid it from happening again in the future. You may even receive some nutritional information and concussion management. There are some common injuries that happen during sports. The most common one, believe it or not, is a groin pull. You may also have shin splints, injuries to your shoulder, sprains, strains, ankle problems, and other conditions as a result of repetitive use of the same muscle groups. You should expect stretching and massage as well as strengthening exercises. That does not mean you will be lifting heavy weight. It may surprise you how light, but effective, the weight will be. The intention is to help you heal and get back to the game and be stronger. You will know a little more and hopefully be able to avoid injury in the future.

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